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Cool Android App: Andlytics

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After getting annoyed with the long load times on my mobile devices of the Android Developer site, which allows you to monitor downloads, comments, etc. for Android apps in the Market, I decided to see if there were any good apps on the Android Market that would allow me to monitor my app statistics easier.  After a quick search I discovered Andlytics. Andlytics allows you to view your Android Market apps statistics including download counts, comments (with translations), ratings, and more.  It will also connect to your Admob account to provide ad revenue statistics for an app.  I haven’t been able to get the AdMob integration working, but even Admob’s mobile site doesn’t seem to work for me since I linked my gmail account.


One of the things that this app does differently is it’s use of animations.  While some of them seem a bit long and gratuitous, Andlytics shows how good looking an Android app can be. If you have apps in the Android Market and like to keep tabs on them, give Andlytics a try.