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Android’s Clock Gets a Total Overhaul

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Clock Android Jelly Bean 4.2 makes some pretty substantial changes in certain area for a point release. One of those changes and is a completely new clock application. Android’s old clock app certainly needed an upgrade and in 4.2 Google delivered. The new clock app has had a complete overhaul in every area.



Like many of you, I use the Android clock as my daily alarm clock and have been for years. For me, it’s the most important part of the clock app and the only part I’ve ever really cared about. It’s been good to me but was certainly showing it’s age. The new alarms section was a little hard to find since it used to be the main section (it’s behind a small button on the bottom of the main clock screen) but so far I really like it. Gone are the days of selecting an alarm in a list to go edit it in a different screen, or even just activate it. ┬áThe latest Clock shows you everything you need in the list view and hides all of the extra features inside a collapsible list item. ┬áThis collapsible list is a great way to only show you the important information at a glance will still keeping the rest in close reach.


Alarms I’ve always hated that I needed to download a third party app for such a simple thing as a timer. Sure, I could set an alarm, but this should be too much to ask. Google has finally come through with a great timer. What makes this so great is that you can enter the time using a calculator style keypad. This is the same across the entire Clock app and while the old spinner style of time entry was pretty, it took forever to scroll through all 60 minutes. Nice work Google!

World Clock

Alarms Another thing that Google add to the latest Clock app is the ability to show the time all around the world. This isn’t nearly as appealing to me in my current state, but while I was living in France it was amazingly helpful to know the time in other parts of the world when I had friends and family spread out. I’m sure this will be a big hit for users overseas, travellers, or anyone else who needs to translate timezones often.

Great Addition

Overall, the new Clock app is a great update to an aging app and also a great addition to the Holo themed app library. I’m glad Google is spending time on their core apps and can’t wait to see what 4.3 (or 5.0?) will bring.