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Google Updates Android Jelly Bean to 4.2.1, Fixes December Birthday Bug

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This morning Google started pushing an update to bring Jelly Bean phones to version 4.2.1.  There is no changelog as of yet, but the first thing that everyone checks is whether or not this release fixed the now infamous December birthday bug. As promised, and with three days to spare, Google has fixed the bug and now allowed people in your People app to have birthdays in December.  Whether this bug affects you or not, its never good to have such obvious bugs in your latest product, so I’m sure this was on top of Google’s priority list and may be the only update included in this release.  Reports say that LTE connectivity in Band 4 is still available after installing the update. Hopefully we’ll find out soon enough what this timely update does for consumer perceptions, and if anything else was included in the update.