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Everyone Should Code

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In the world we live in today, basic computer understanding is a must have.  The folks at code.org have made this excellent video which really shows why everyone should learn to code and how easy it really can be.

The biggest question that I hear is “Where do I start?” and my answer is always the same, just start.  You can spend years worrying about which language is best and what your first app is going to be, but none of that is really important in the long run.  I think the most important part is that you start and get the basic idea of programming.

Hello, World!

It’s tempting to start with a fancy application right off the bat, but you should start programming with “Hello, World!”, the quintessential starting place for any new language.  It’s a great way to show just how easy programming can be and gets you a finished program right from the start.  To learn “Hello, World!” in java, checkout Java 101.

Once you’ve done that, pick a platform, find a tutorial (YouTube is a great place if you like video tutorials), and start coding!