This morning, like many others, I decided to take a look at the Android version distribution of Hashnote and was pleasently surprized with what I found.

A few months ago I decided to take Hashnote ICS+ only after realizing that only a small portion of my install base was on pre-ICS devices. I still think that was a good choice as it’s made development much easier and allowed me to do more in the limited free time I have to work on Hashnote.

I find this graph particularly interesting because you can see that the majority of my users are on the latest version of Jelly Bean. I was curious if this is any sort of indicator that newer devices (those that run ICS or higher) are getting updates faster.

Looking at the device distrubtion, you can see that, while there is an enormous distribution of devices with well over half not included in this list, the two most popular devices for my users are both Nexus devices. Unsurprizingly, Samsung takes every other spot with enough users to get in the list.

This is great. As a Nexus user, it’s great to see that Google’s Nexus program is actually selling and people are experiencing my app exactly as I intend them to. I build my apps to look and work great on Android, not TouchWiz, so I’m glad to see that people are enjoying it that way.